At the heart of my stories is an examination of how people tighten their grip, or unravel in the face of pain, uncertainty & vulnerability.

novel manuscript


A symphony violinist who gives up her career to get pregnant through IVF and  an insecure young artist who negotiates the New York artwork are bound together by a fatal accident which profoundly affects both of their identities.

Grappling with the role of art and surrender, as well as the creation of families and the complexities of relationships, By Accident is a character-driven story filled with smart, nuanced women. Recently completed,I will be looking for representation soon.




flash fiction

Life is Not Always a Choice
Semi-Finalist Raymond Carver
Short Story Contest, 2017

The First Time
Fish Publishing Flash Fiction Prize Longlist | 2017

The Masters Review Volume V Shortlist | Spring 2016

Deja Vu
Fish Publishing Flash Fiction Prize Shortlist | 2016






short stories

Trouble Brewing
Literal Latte | Spring 2015

"Mom said, it's important for me to serve, and that’s all she said about it, nothing about my dead little brother or Dad’s grief poured into the hood of broken-down cars in our front yard, or about the trouble I was in with the county and school and that other thing. …"

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StoryGlossia | March 2003

"'Bingo,' Fran answered, and it was settled. …"

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