Supporting other writers is one of my most important creative acts.

Nurturing other writers—at all stages—renews me. My students offer perspectives on life and writing that challenge and delight me. Developing ways to inspire writers deepens and expands my own writing practice. Reading and providing analysis for other writers allows me to explore genres and styles.


I teach

I have been teaching creative writing to a diverse range of students, in a variety of settings, for over a decade. From rural, remote locations to bustling, urban classrooms—I’ve taught at-risk students who are on their “last chance” to curious senior citizens actively observing the world around them.

I invite multiple viewpoints because I know listening to each other never fails to invigorate our imaginations. I place an emphasis on meeting each student where they are in their own writing process, respecting their creative voice, and putting the stepping stones in place for them to take their writing where it needs to go.


I prompt

To be a writer, you need to write. Simple, yet sometimes sitting down to do the work is the hardest part. We often feel distracted, self-critical, or paralyzed. My students often crave structure and inspiration.

What should I write about? How do I use this time? Where do I begin? Prompted—an online writing resource I developed for writers at every stage—answers these questions.

Each prompt leads you into your subconscious, nudges you to expand your writing practice, and inspires you to create something new using:

  • timed exercises to spur your imagination
  • visualizations that deepen your writing
  • creative list-making to unlock new ideas
  • unique character scenarios that tease out descriptions

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I consult

I provide consulting services for established and emerging writers. Often, writers need feedback, encouragement, or a source of accountability. I help writers get started or get unstuck by providing:

  • critical feedback on fiction and nonfiction manuscripts
  • structured guidance with new projects to determine scope
  • practical planning to set goals and create timelines so you stay focused and make progress
  • big picture advice and tips for organizations and structure
  • stylistic analysis and feedback

My goal is always to provide the support writers need to continue moving forward in a positive and productive way.