Hail the energy of creation. Below are projects that are lighting my fire now.

Today is my Only Day

Hawk on a Fencepost

I speed
past fallow fields
by this patient raptor
I'm heavy
in the driver’s seat
clinging to the wheel
the land divided
into checkerboards
the burn piles
arranged like numbers
on dice
I want to roll
take my foot on or off
the accelerator
I never know which
I have the urge always
to do both
I wonder why
plain and ordinary
life is so hard to live
if only something
could dull the edges
of my desire
I crave a cigarette
the first in years
I’m not the only one
my mother’s bottle
my father’s
cloud of smoke
my grandparents
with stiff drinks
stiff now in their graves
these long windy roads
a kind of therapy
but I’m not some teenage boy
in a red truck
on a joy ride
the difference is
I know better
to stay on my side
of the dotted line
but still I’m driving
this treeless landscape
rolling up and down
these carved-out roads too fast
trying not to flinch.


This is from a collection of poems from my days raising small children on an organic farm.

The Sum of Lesser Parts

short story collection, TBA


Noting some consistent themes around identity and invisibility in my short stories and flash fiction, I’m eagerly writing and revising a new collection.